Pricing Foresight

Deepen your understanding of the impact of pricing on the success of your marketing strategy. Look at your options. Execute.

Pricing Foresight measures regular and promoted price elasticity for your products, adding value with highly sophisticated predictive analytics modeling for alternative scenario pricing evaluation and profit-impact analysis.


Make Fact-Based Pricing Decisions

Is the relationship between retail price and retail takeaway as linear as you’d like? What’s more important to performance, absolute price or pricing relative to your competitors? How do your competitors’ reactions to your pricing affect volume impact from a price change? How do promoted price changes affect merchandising levels? Foresight ROI created Pricing Foresight to answer these questions and more.

Pricing Foresight helps you:

  • Be the category leader, not the follower, in pricing
  • Align pricing strategies with fact-based analytics
  • Measure pricing impact with precision for maximum strategic agility — keep what works, change what doesn’t

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