Shopper Foresight

Measure the ROI of shopper marketing programs and their interaction with other marketing elements. Predict results, evaluate different scenarios and increase customer collaboration for better decisions.

To justify your shopper marketing budget and allocate dollars where they will work the hardest, you need to specifically measure those programs — and the incremental lift they deliver. Used by many top CPG companies today, Shopper Foresight does that and more.

Event specific and integrated

Shopper Foresight’s model and data inputs are aligned to each shopper marketing event’s unique marketing-reach-to-purchase conversion pattern, while measuring the synergy effect from proper integration with trade promotion elements.

Predictive tools

Shopper Foresight’s predictive models are uniquely developed for shopper marketing ROI measurement and alternative scenario evaluation. The system helps you understand what you will get for your spend and what will drive better results.

Expert decision support

Shopper Foresight does more than measure. It is designed to drive better decisions and continuous improvement, with the full support of Foresight ROI marketing and analytics experts, most of whom come from careers at major CPG companies.

Learn What Works and Drive Improvement

In shopper marketing, there is a big profit opportunity in learning what works well to improve lower-performing activities. With Shopper Foresight, you can objectively measure shopper marketing ROI at the tactic level for budget accountability and allocation. You can identify shopper marketing success drivers and improvement opportunities and guide future event planning with predictive metrics.

A specialized econometric model for maximizing shopper marketing ROI:

  • Industry Standard for shopper marketing ROI measurement
  • Data and modeling compatible with existing marketing mix models
  • Benchmarks from more than 25,000 events
  • Measure-Learn-Plan process for driving performance improvements
  • Endorsed by MASB (Marketing Accountability Standards Board)

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